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Jong Seok Bae 2 Articles
Four Cases with Peripheral Trauma Induced Involuntary Movements
Eun Joo Chung, Sang Jin Kim, Won Yong Lee, Jong Seok Bae, Eung Gyu Kim, Sung Hwa Pang
J Mov Disord. 2010;3(2):39-41.
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Background and Purpose

Although peripheral trauma induced movement disorders have been rarely reported, diagnostic criteria for peripherally induced movement disorders (PIMD) have been established. Because preexisting subclinical movement disorders, or secondary gain for compensation and legal purposes are difficult to confirm, differential diagnosis for physicians still remains difficult.

Case Reports

We present four patients developed movement disorders after relatively various intervals after traffic accident. Three patients of them showed tremor and one patient presented propriospinal myoclonus. In this report, we investigate whether peripheral trauma can lead to movement disorders and describe the relationship between peripheral injury and movement disorders in four cases.


Injury was serious enough to develop involuntary abnormal movements with pain and the latency between injury and the onset of movements in all of cases was less than 1 year. Thus, our cases showed temporal and anatomical correlation between injury and the onset of movement disorder, strongly supporting the cause-and-effect relationship by previous diagnostic criteria for peripherally induced movement disorders.


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Usefulness of Diffusion-Weighted MRI for Differentiation between Parkinson’s Disease and Parkinson Variant of Multiple System Atrophy
Eun Joo Chung, Eung Gyu Kim, Jong Seok Bae, Choong Ki Eun, Kwang Sig Lee, Minkyung Oh, Sang Jin Kim
J Mov Disord. 2009;2(2):64-68.
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Background and Purpose:

Several studies have reported that diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) is able to help discriminate a Parkinson variant of multiple system atrophy (MSA-p) from Parkinson’s disease (PD) on the basis of the increased regional apparent diffusion coefficient (rADC). We analyzed the usefulness of DWI by using the rADC for differential diagnosis between MSA-p and PD and investigated the correlation between the rADC value and clinical features of MSA-p and PD.


Twelve patients with PD and 10 with MSA-p were studied. The rADC value was determined in different brain regions, including the dorsal putamen (DP) and middle cerebellar peduncles (MCP).


The rADC values of the DP showed a greater increase in MSA-p patients than in PD patients (p=0.03). MSA-p patients also presented increased rADC values of the MCP compared with PD patients (p=0.0001). In particular, the sensitivity, specificity and positive predictive values of the MCP rADC were higher than those of the DP rADC. However, DP and MCP rADC values were not correlated with clinical features in either MSA or PD patients.


DWI discriminated between PD and MSA-p based on rADC values in DP and MCP. The MCP rADC value, in particular, could better discriminate MSA-p from PD.


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